Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Kissed a Girl - Power Metal Version

Katy Perry + Heavy Metal = I Liked It

Medieval fantasy is something so magical and powerful that permeates not only books and games, but also music. Mainly heavy metal. With the exception of medieval music, properly speaking, and a few works of classical music, perhaps no other type of music complements medieval fantasy as well as heavy metal. Perhaps because the word "metal" remits to the metallic sound of metal swords and armor, war and knights.

Some bands in particular represent this mixture with praise. To cite a few: Manowar, with its lyrics full of epic and mythology; Savatage with its Hall of the Mountain King; Cirith Ungol with its name taken directly from The Lord of the Rings, and Blind Guardian, with its lyrics also inspired by Tolkien literature. Of course, we can not forget Rhapsody of Fire (formerly Rhapsody).

Rhapsody is known to "sing" an epic and fantastic saga in their songs, the Emerald Sword Saga. Spanning over five albums, the saga is like a medieval fantasy book packed in heavy metal format.

For fans of medieval fantasy and heavy metal, it is a true "eargasm". Rhapsody masterfully proves that heavy metal and medieval fantasy complement each other as bread and butter, a blend that can not go wrong. But what if metal is mixed with something not so complementary, and even something totally opposite?

What happens when we mix Rhapsody with Katy Perry? Well, listen to this "mashup" made by a guy named Andy Xiong and draw your own conclusions. Is it like mixing water and oil, or heavy metal makes everything better? In my opinion, Katy Perry would make a great metal singer!

Music written, recorded and performed by Andy Xiong
I Kissed a Girl performed by Katy Perry, owned by EMI