Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Avacyn Restored trailer

Avacyn Restored Trailer - Liliana saving Innistrad?

Save this shiny rock... or save the lives of your fellow warriors!
Wizards of the Coast has just released the Avacyn Restored trailer on YouTube.

And now, to the trailer proper:


The video is pretty epic, as is the music score. Of course, I agree that lately the word epic has been trivialized, but epic in its original sense, can refer to a people's struggle, and that is what we see in this video, a final struggle of a people against the relentless forces of darkness.

The video features phtoto animations made ​​from Magic cards illustrations, as has become the norm. To see Liliana the necromancer-muse so "alive" is always a treat, but I must confess that her "voice" was not a good choice, as well as the voice of Sorin Markov in the previous video, Dark Ascension, and unlike Garruk's voice for the Innistrad video, which was quite adequate.

To our Liliana, she who exudes youth and lust, was given an "old" and tired voice , but maybe that was deliberate, since, the fans know, Liliana is not the young girl she appears to be, but in fact an old witch in a beautiful and young body, who traded her soul for eternal youth. Moreover, the consequences of this deal are the very reason for this video.

Did notice that the story told in the video emulates the ultimate ability of the card Liliana of The Veil? "Save this shiny rock... or save the lives of your fellow warriors!"

In conclusion, more of Liliana is always good, even when it is not so good. Oh, and I still don't buy the fact that Sorin was able to create an all-powerful angel .... But, what the hell ...

And speaking of relentless: Garruk is also missing in this story ...