Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Disney Princess Street Fighter

Disney Princesses Street Fighter: Dragon Punch with a Fairy Touch

Our post  about sith Disney princesses is one of the 10 most read and most successful. And I bet this post will also be. For some reason, Disney princesses turned into sexy warriors is a proven formula for success.

We already saw these beauties with a lightsaber in hand, and we thought princesses couldn't be more badass than that. We were wrong. Never underestimate human imagination, this is the lesson we learn at each fresh new look on the princesses.

This time, artist Josh McMahon brings these beauties to the world of Street Fighter IV. Definitely, these modern Disney princesses are willing to take the struggle for happiness in their own hands!

Anyone who has ever played Street Fighter know that every fighter has a unique style and story, a personal reason to fly around the globe, fighting for the title of World Champion, and these princesses are no different. Indeed, in their Street Fighter versions, they remain true to their principles and goals, but the difference is that they are definitely not willing to wait for their prince charming to fight for them. In fact, any prince charming would look like girly weaklings next to these girls.

Our first street fighter princess is Cinderella, turned into a ninja warrior. No brooms and mops for her, only deadly blades. I bet the ugly sisters and evil stepmother won't bother her anymore...

Snow White is tired of crying and being a victim of the world. The sweetest and most innocent of the princesses is now a genuine "bad girl". According to Josh on his own site, she is inspired on Lisbeth Salander, and the seven dwarfs are now the Seven Drug Lords.

The trident fighter Ariel is my favorite princess street fighter. The sea-themed armor, apparently made ​​of sea animals skins and shells, is a master touch. According to Josh, Ariel sold her voice to the sea witch to become a great warrior.

Here is Jasmine, a deadly desert warrior. The choice of scimitar as a weapon is quite adequate, and Jasmine seems quite comfortable with it, ready to strike a blow faster than the eye. Here the princess of the desert entered the Street Fighter tournament to prove to her father, the Sultan, that she is able to govern her own kingdom.

The next street fighter princess is Belle, in my opinion the most beautiful princess, and now also the most beautiful street fighter. Belle is now a Muay Thai fighter. Maybe she learned to fight in one of those books she is always reading?

Pocahontas is the street fighter princess who literally fights for nature, a descendant of a great Powhatan warrior. Greenpeace could surely make use of such a good warrior in their ranks.

Tiana, from The Princess and the Frog, is now a military whose goal is to prove that she is able to command her own unit. Her clothing is an excellent camouflage amid the swamps of Louisiana.

And on this side of the ring we have Aurora, a professional wrestler, who adopted the professional name of "Briar Rose". A beauty who can put you to sleep ... on the ring floor!

Mulan has always been a great warrior, but now with new styling, inspired by fighters like Kitana from Mortal Kombat and her colleague Chun-li, few can face her in a fight. To top it off, she became an assassin and disguise expert. And above all, she is now more beautiful than ever!

The last princess to join her fellow street fighters is Rapunzel, a sorceress who was imprisoned for a long time. Apparently, she must have a lot of repressed anger, and it is fantastic that so much stress has not made her lose hair. Highlight for the staff with a chameleon on the top, I wonder what powers it has? Maybe powers of illusion? Say what, Josh? Well, never mind, this is also one of my favorites.

Visit Josh's blog for more of his amazing work!


Anonymous said...

Dude. Her name is Belle. Not Bella!

L DM said...

Sorry for that. Corrected now. Thanks for pointing that out!

catwomanmtb said...

You need to add the newest disney princess from the movie called brave. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

This is epic!