Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gargamel finally eats the Smurfs

A bit of dark comedy... or would that be "dark blue" comedy?

Smurfs, the movie (2011), although having received much criticism, was a box office success. I'm no film critic, but as someone who enjoyed the Smurfs cartoon in the '80s, I liked the movie, and I think it was decent, and a good movie for the whole family. My five years old daughter, who had never heard of the blue gnomes, loved it.

But if you ask me to point out what is great about this movie, I would have to say that Gargamel steals the show.  Hank Azaria's Gargamel  accomplished the feat of being one of the few elements of the film acclaimed by the merciless critics, such as the one from USA Todayand deservedly so. His Gargamel may be a little more "friendly" and funny, along with the cat, Azrael (which my daughter loved), than the Gargamel you may remember, but in my opinion, this is an improvement over the cartoon.

Another difference from the cartoon Gargamel is that in the movie, the inept wizard is after the Smurfs for their essence, which is able to enhance his magic. In the cartoon, Gargamel wanted the Smurfs to use them in a formula to make gold or ... eat them.

That never happened, of course (otherwise we would have an entire traumatized generation), but what if it happened?

Well, the best answer I found was in the YouTube channel Elephant Larry... Not recommended for children!

Bonus Video: And what happens after Gargamel eats the Smurfs? Well, as we see in the video below, Smurfs are a good substitute for hallucinogenic mushrooms ...