Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Liliana Vess in flesh and blood - cosplay in good taste

Liliana Vess in Flesh and Blood


Yes, you read that right: the muse of grown men Magic players (myself included) in flesh and blood!

In the video below you will see a Liliana Vess cosplay. The cosplayer is NinaLaNoir, pseudonym of Ashley Regimbal-Kung. You can see the girl's profile and portfolio page on artists community site DeviantArt and see more of her work.

What is interesting about NinaLaNoir cosplay is that she does justice to the beauty of Liliana. Not to mention that the material she uses for the costume is of excellent quality, and very well done. Confess, you have always dreamed what would it be like if we had a real life Liliana, and NinaLaNoir just made your dream come true. In fact, we are very lucky to have someone like her to cosplay our favorite planeswalker. Lots of fatty, acne-ridden girls cosplaying around... (No offense to fatty acne-ridden cosplayers around).

Well, enjoy Liliana in all her necromantic glory!